• Zenith Omega™

    Zenith Omega™

    is a Healing Energy Management System. It is a Healing Technique using Etheric Light & Colour to release Energy blocks from the Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies, thus restoring each individual to a Higher State of Potential & Beingness; leading to a Deeper Experience of Love. Using Vibrational Colour and Light, Zenith Omega™ helps release stored emotions that are restricted and blocked by unbalanced energy.

  • If you seek

    If you seek

    a Balanced Lifestyle, a Physically Healthy Body, Clarity of Thought and Emotional Equilibrium in Life, then Zenith Omega™ can be a most effective Healing Tool for you.

Benefits of Zenith Omega ™

Benefits of Zenith Omega Can be Expansive Some common effects are: ~An increased feeling & sense of well-being~ ~Clarity of ideas & purpose~ ~More self-confidence & personal power~ ~Greater insight into one's self and others~ ~Physical healings~ ~Expansive abilities~ ~Restoration of joy & laughter in life~ ~Better communication & understanding in relationships~ ~Feeling balanced & centered in a deepening experience of love~


Is Zenith Omega™ Color Therapy? Can anyone do Zenith Omega™ ? How does Zenith Omega™ differ from other energy management systems? Does taking Zenith Omega™ make me a healer? Do I have to take all levels of Zenith Omega™ to use them?

ZENITH OMEGA™ for the World

This program is meant for all humankind with the sincere hope that it provides the keys necessary to bring mankind into the Violet Vibrations, in preparation for Elevation, Transition, and Ascension. Rev. W.R. Wiltshire

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All classes are created based on practical techniques that are presented in a very clear manner.
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What can you expect from a Zenith Omega™ session
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About Zenith
Zenith Omega™ has been poetically described as the "Language of Light".

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