Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few commonly asked questions for those who are just embarking upon Zenith Omega™ for the first time. If you have any questions about Zenith Omega™, what it can do for you, or how to begin learning it for yourself, please contact Anne Angelheart at aglight (at) aol (dot) com.

Is Zenith Omega™ Color Therapy?
No! Color therapy works with a different language of what color vibrates at than Zenith Omega™. Zenith Omega™ was channeled with certain frequencies and was given the name of colors to match those frequencies for intent purposes only. They will not match what occurs in color therapy.

Can anyone do Zenith Omega™ ?
YES! You need to take the classes to receive the material that shows each clearing as a map and to receive instruction on how to apply it, but anyone can do Zenith Omega™.

How does Zenith Omega™ differ from other energy management systems?
Where many (not all) energy systems act as a buffer or temporary relief from discomfort, Zenith Omega™ works on the emotional issues that create the Dis-ease in the body. It works at the core of the problem and on a cellular level. This promotes actually breaking the patterns in your life that create the dis-ease and to move forward from it. Why not just do intuitive healing or ask that what ails a person be worked on? Why individual clearings for everything? Zenith Omega™ has individual clearings to assist as many as possible with the needs of the individual. The specific intent of Zenith Omega™ works through the different meridian lines in the body and on the DNA, RNA to release or transform cellular memory of negative patterns. We all know that the more specific our intent on something the clearer we create. Well, this works also in healing. If we are focusing on specific areas with the clearings and having a clear and focused INTENT we will see much better results in the process of the healing.

Does taking Zenith Omega™ make me a healer?
I don't feel that I am, so will this help me be one? Everyone is a HEALER. We are all healers of ourselves. Zenith Omega™ is a tool that you can use by performing the clearings on others and they themselves heal themselves. Someone asking you to do Zenith Omega™ on them already is saying they want to heal and make changes in their life. You are just providing a tool and being a clear channel to give the clearings. They are the ones that have to accept them and want to heal from them.

Do I have to take all levels of Zenith Omega™ to use them?
No! You may use and work with what level you have completed to. If you choose to stop at level 3, this is fine and you can do work with people up to that level.